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Beauty by Donna Hussey

for all your beauty needs...


 I use Payot Skin care for all my Facials. You will not be disappointed with this highly advanced skin line.

Also available Payot Skin care line in the salon to buy for continued results.

Quick Fix-


Deep Cleanse-


Purete Essentielle (Purifying)-


Eclat Essentielle (Energising)-


Liss Absolu (AHA Peeling)-


Nutrition Essentielle (Nourishing)-


Hydration Essentielle (Collagen)- 


 Supreme Experience (Anti-aging)


Purete Essentielle- A purifying treatment for clearing up problem skin.

Eclat Essentielle- Is a facial treatment that restores skin all its energy. A unique moment of relaxation and energy thanks to the properties of the super fruits. Perfect for dull and tired skin. Textures, fragrances, gestures... all the senses are awakened to live a moment of pure well-being.

Liss Absolu - An immediate new skin effect thanks to AHA peeling treatment designed to smooth, resurface and regenerate.

Nutrition Essentielle- An anti-aging care to treat the lack of firmness and elasticity and remodel the face. This treatment has a lifting/smoothing effect designed to tighten up and repair.

Hydration Essentielle - Hydra Experience is a moisturising face ritual with a pure moment of well-being and exception that combines effectiveness, sensoriality abd absolute relaxation.

A one-hour beauty experience that provides dehydrated skin with a genuine softness experience.

Supreme Experience- An anti-aging treatment that acts on wrinkles, slackened skin, dull complexion and dark spots.

Liss Absolu Masque Facial